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Clinician O-ring pincless system: Selleria Repetti

Cod. UW601FR

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85.00 €
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Clinician O-ring pinchless system

Finish: Stainless Steel brushed
MP: Stainless Steel 1/2″ thick with Pinchless System, Extra curved
CP: 3″ Dee rings

One of the new generation of bits that minimize pressure on the bars of the horse’s mouth.
1. It’s a level one, meaning the mildest bit you can use on a horse.
2. Mouthpiece is extra curved for less discomfort.
3. Features the patented Pinchless System with rubber covered bars.
4. Good for young horses, or any type of horse that is light in their mouth and ridden with 2 hands.
5. Internal bushing on both sides of the mouthpiece junction permits either side of the bit to rotate indipendently of the other side.

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